Sea of Plunder

Sea of Plunder

Sea of Plunder is a treasure hunting game in which you are a merchant ship sailing across the endless sea, racing to get to mysterious treasure islands while at the same time gathering goods from port cities,dodging pirates, getting pushed around by hurricanes, and stealing cargo from the other merchants/treasure hunters!

It is a 2-4 player family game that takes about 30-45min to play. It is designed by myself, Rusty Lumpkin. It has been so much fun to watch this game begin to come to life! It never would have been possible without the artist Lynn Hazen Morrow! You can check out more of her art at the facebook page Lynn Hazen Art

Scoring and Goal: Four things are taken into account for scoring at the end of the game.
Treasures- The players can gather treasures from the mysterious treasure islands throughout the game.
Goods-A second way is by collecting the unique goods that are produced at each of the port cities located on the 4 home islands. The goods are a set collection objective where you get more points for having multiple different types of goods. (this means that you have to travel to the multiple islands or trade with another merchant for them)
Magical Compasses-A player is also awarded points at the end of the game for each "magical compass" that they possess. All the players are given these through out the game but they can also gain these in trades from other players.
Debt-Each player is deducted points based on the amount of debt that they have gained throughout the game. A player will obtain debt any time that they come into contact with pirates and are unable to bribe them with a good. In this instance the pirates attach the ship and the player gains debt which represents the price that they had to pay for repairs
The player with the total highest score wins. In the case of a tie, the player with the most magical compasses left wins.

Game Play: Players take turns in clockwise fashion. They will draw two cards and add them to their hand. They then choose to play a card (a treasure map, port city, or action card) these will commonly affect the active player (Exceptions would include some action cards). The player then chooses to discard a card. The card discarded allows the player to choose a pirate on the map and move it accordingly

Action Cards: Allow the player to preform more complex combos or implement some "that that" upon the other players.

Event Cards: These are cards that are dispersed throughout the draw deck. When they appear they do not count as one of your draws or plays but they are played immediately and affect all players.

Treasure Islands: The game starts with one treasure island in the middle of the board. When a player sails across a treasure island they have now discovered it and found the treasure. That treasure island will disappear off the map and a new treasure island location will be randomly generated. Event cards such as "Tales of More Treasure" cause new treasure islands to be generated onto the board so that by the end of the game there are multiple options of islands that you can choose to sail towards.

The Pirates: There are four pirate ships that can be moved across the board according to each players discard. You can use the pirates to discover the treasure islands (the pirate would get the treasure) if an opponent is getting to close to it for comfort. You can also sail the pirate into another player forcing them to loose a good or accumulate debt. You may also place a pirate on the port cities to help blockade your opponent merchants from gathering the goods from that city.

Game End: The game end can be triggered in two ways. When a player has collected 3 treasures or when the pirates have collected 6 treasures. When the game end is triggered, the players finish the round and then calculate final scoring.

Each box currently plans to include both an english translation and a german translation.

Plans to Kickstart in 2018

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