About Us

Three Nail Games is a board game publishing company that was started by Rusty and Tabitha Lumpkin in 2017. We are all about making high quality games that are going to bring together families and friends to build memories that last a lifetime! 



Rusty Lumpkin

Board gaming has been a passion of mine for many years. It has always been a desire and dream to design and publish a game(s)! My favorite style of game would be heavier strategy games. My favorite game mechanic is worker placement. Other than learning the ins and outs of the board gaming publishing business, I wear many hats. My titles also include Chemistry and Physics teacher, farmer,  youth group leader, husband, and father! I studied at Ball State University where I got a degree in Chemistry and in Secondary Education. I have been teaching since 2012! I must thank my savior Jesus Christ, my incredible wife Tabitha, and all of our supporting friends and family because this company would not exist without them. 

Tabitha Lumpkin

If you have any questions or would like to get updates about when we will be kickstarting our next game, feel free to connect with us!